His sessions giving us interview tips were very useful in providing an insight into the demands and requirements of prospective US employers, which helped us to tailor our answers so as to meet their expectations; thus ensuring our success. Mrs.Pathak. F M.sc., B.Ed. Calumet High school Indiana , U.S.A His Interview tips are comprehensive and easy to adopt and apply; infusing confidence amongst the candidates thus ensuring their success. Mrs.O.Bhatnagar, M.Phil.,B.Ed. O.A. Acadamy Arizona, U.S.A His Sessions on Interview tips really helped me a lot. In fact they are still useful. I am happy to be here in the U.S.A. I am grateful to him for the interview tips and the encouragement he gave me. Mr.C.Mathew, M.Sc.,M.Ed Miller H.S. Corpus Christi Texas, U.S.A His training Program on communication skills was extremely helpful although I have more than 33 years of teaching experience in different High schools . I feel his training helped us a lot because there were many parameters where we were still lacking in spite of my vast experience. Mrs.Gurdeep Kaur Sethi Senior Instructor, M.Sc., B.Ed Randolph county school system Georgia, U.S.A His training program on Interview skills and especially the Interview question bank helped me a lot as all the Interview questions which were asked by our U.S employers were almost the same ones found in the question bank. Mrs.Komal Singh, M.Phil Home Economics Instructor & NLP Trainer Topeka , I.S.D , Kansas, U.S.A His training program was excellent it provided with valuable information regarding how to face International interviewers and familiarized me with some of the toughest interview questions. This led to my success in the final interviews. Mrs.S.E. Smitha M.Sc., B.Ed Chemistry Instructor Topeka I.S.D, Kansas , U.S.A

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